Parc Floral de Paris

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parc floral vincennes

Just a short walk from the Château de Vincennes, the Parc Floral de Paris offers a breath of fresh air,  a botanical treasure trove, and heaps of fun!

Some 30,000 plant species grow in the Parc Floral’s 35 hectares of gardens which have an unusually elegant layout!

In September, you can join in the voting for the world’s most beautiful Dahlia! 

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A fun way to unwind

So what makes this park so special? It’s fascinating and highly entertaining! Why not try a romantic trip on a Surrey bike, a Mongolian yurt escape game with your friends, or an Accrobranche treetop adventure with the family? Then you can visit one of the park’s twenty-eight patios and pavilions to admire Chinese and Japanese bonsai, plants from the Jurassic period, a collection of orchids or, even more unusual, a hothouse teeming with the most beautiful butterflies you’ve even seen!

parc floral pavillon

Surprises all year round

No matter when you visit, you’ll find the Parc Floral alive and flourishing. The walkways lined with parasol pines are dotted with bursts of colour from irises, rhododendrons, tulips and dahlias. The exhibition areas host some major events, including the Marjolaine organic show, various Zen workshops and the legendary Classique au Vert and Paris Jazz Festival which attract some of the world’s top performers!

Go for it kids!

Clapping their hands and beaming all over their faces, children will love the hilarious Guignol puppet show and the season of Les Pestacles concerts. And there’s even icecream and lollies! Can’t get enough? Let them ride on the giant slides at the play area, join a workshop at the Maison Paris Nature, or have fun trying to identify aromas in an amazing garden full of medicinal plants.

Enjoy your meal!

After all that adventure, enjoy lunch on the terrace of one of the restaurants, in the relaxed atmosphere of Le Bosquet, or the pristine setting of Les Magnolias. If you’re lucky, one of the park’s majestic peacocks may even spread his beautiful feathers for you!

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