Gourmet shopping

An epicurean escapade!

Quality condensed!

Gourmets, feast your eyes as well as your tastebuds at the fine food shops and delicatessens where you’ll find quality galore!

Delights unlimited 

Try Julien Dechenaud’s praline and salted caramel cookie, officially the best cookie you’ll find in Paris, or Bruno Collet’s extra-mature mimolette cheese, or a syllabub from Maezaly’s. 

Vincennes, a food-lover’s hotspot

Take a few steps down Rue du Midi and you’ll float towards the tantalising aromas of sugar and melted butter, roasting coffee, mature cheese or brioche straight from the oven. An irresistible blend that will have you yearning to step inside the town’s food shops for a taste of refined authenticity. Sophisticated treats and delicacies are just a way of life in Vincennes!

a la mere de famille vincennes

A wide selection of fine foods

Fine food shops, Italian delicatessens, traditional cheese counters, coffee-roasting shops, wine sellers and much more. You’ll find all the delights you can fit in your suitcase, to spoil your friends and family or make your Vincennes experience last a little longer! Between tasty fruit jelly sweets, traditional charcuterie and high-quality teas, all you have to do is choose… Or take a bit of everything if your suitcase is big enough!

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