Vincennes, a cavalier attitude!

Hip, hip, hip… hippodrome! Life at full gallop!

vincennes cavaliere

Some go to the Hippodrome for the excitement of watching an outsider cross the finish line, others admire the immaculate horsemen of the Garde Républicaine, and kids enjoy a pony ride clinging to their shetland’s mane and playing at cowboys. Vincennes has always placed horses under the spotlight, much to the delight of children and adults alike!

Did you know? 

The very first harness races to take place at Vincennes Hippodrome date back to 1879, and the legendary Prix d’Amérique began in 1920!

1,255 races every year, legendary cups like the Prix d’Amérique or the Prix du Président de la République: Vincennes Hippodrome in Paris is a monument of the horse-racing world! The excitement is contagious when you’re surrounded by passionate enthusiasts backing their champion or cheering on an outsider. To live this memorable experience to the full, why not book a table at Le Panoramique, the restaurant that overlooks the racecourse and offers an unbeatable view of the finish line! Lots of activities are organised throughout the year for both children and adults. Visits to the stables, children’s first pony rides, snacks, etc. To view the events calendar, trot along to the hippodrome website.

course hippodrome vincennes

Kids in the saddle!

Now here’s an idea that may well trot around in your child’s mind once you’ve mentioned it: riding in the school holidays! There are solutions for every age group to get them in the saddle. Children over the age of 6 will enjoy one of the day courses organised by the Cartoucherie stables. And for younger children? At the UCPA Bayard stables, children’s 4-day courses are available from the age of 4, and even 2 year olds can enjoy their very first pony ride! But parents, beware! If you go anywhere near the lakes of Daumesnil and Saint-Mandé, you might not get out of the pony ride, even with an 18-month toddler. Not only that, but “can we do it again?” will be the inevitable outcome!

garde republicaine cheval

Jewel in the crown of the mounted gendarmerie

On your high horse when it comes to tour quality? You’ll love the twice-monthly immersive tours organised in the barracks of the French Army’s last surviving cavalry regiment: the world-famous Garde Républicaine! After crossing an indoor school and some stables, you’ll enter the coal forge where the blacksmiths are the last to keep the tradition alive. Fascinating.

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