The Parc Zoologique de Paris, AKA Vincennes Zoo

Wild animals on the outskirts of Paris!

zoo de vincennes

It doesn’t take the eye of an eagle to spot the Parc Zoologique de Paris. Just let the emblematic man-made rock, standing 65 metres high, guide you to the entrance!

Did you know?

This wildlife temple nestling in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes was entirely rebuilt between 2008 and 2014. The zoo’s 14 hectares are shared by some 2,000 animals of 180 different species.

Don’t miss the 4,000 m² tropical greenhouse!

Escape to every corner of the world

The zoo’s five biozones (Europe, Madagascar, Amazon & Guyana, Africa and Patagonia) offer as many opportunities to get closer to the animal world. Highlights? Wolves, lions and tigers, naturally, but also endangered species such as the lemur, the scimitar-horned oryx or the Grevy’s zebra, and less well-known animals like wolverines, manatees and anteaters.

The zoo behind the scenes!

Straight into the lion’s mouth? The zoo organises daily activities throughout the year, including workshops for would-be zoo-keepers, feeding sessions with the suricates, pumas, otters or lions, and even breakfast in the company of Europe’s largest herd of giraffes!

Night safari

A “by night” experience is another summer highlight you’ll never forget! Night owls will enjoy the “silent zoo” experience. What on earth is that? Outdoor dance parties where each participant wears headphones to listen to the music without disturbing our feathered and furry friends, not forgetting those with scales! Magical!

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