Vincennes of squares in gardens

The city of Vincennes, a flowery city ***, a nature city with 2 dragonflies, counts 70,000 m² of green spaces evenly distributed throughout the districts, i.e. some fifteen squares, parks and gardens and a street flower garden with numerous flower boxes.

parc vincennes

As you make your way through Vincennes, enjoy a moment of calm under the trees in one of the many green areas.

  • Square du 11 Novembre
  • Square du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
  • Square Jean-Jaurès
  • Square Saint-Louis
  • Square Carnot
  • Square des Combattants d’Afrique du Nord
  • Square des Frères Hautières
  • Square Robert de Cotte
  • Jardin du Levant
  • Jardin du Midi
  • Jardin du Couchant
  • Jardin exotique
  • Jardin Cœur de ville
  • Cours Marigny

Remarkable trees

The city offers more than 3,700 trees, of almost 60 different species !

Are you with children? Slides, swings, spring games are available for them all over town! All the following gardens offer a variety of games for children: jardin du Couchant, square Saint-Louis, jardin du Midi, square Daumesnil, jardin Coeur de Ville, jardin exotique (exotic garden), square Robert de Cotte, jardin du Levant, square Carnot, Cours Marigny.

Do you want to picnic in the grass? Nothing better than sitting in front of the Château, on the vast lawn of the Cours des Maréchaux.

Zoom in on: the hanging gardens above the RER

New spaces have been reclaimed above the RER A line, thanks to a partnership between the SNCF (French rail Services) and the City of Vincennes. These new type of gardens are known as “hanging gardens”, created on a large concrete slab above the track and totally open to the public. This method makes it possible to give back public space to local residents in often well-situated areas. In Vincennes, three 3,000 m² spaces have been reconstructed in this way: the Couchant, Midi and Levant gardens.

Discover one of them > le Jardin du Midi

After your shopping stroll in the city centre, relax for a few moments in the Jardin du Midi. It was named so because it is located in the exact continuity of the rue du Midi. The sunny theme was the guiding principle in the choice of the two other hanging gardens: Jardin du Levant and Jardin du Couchant.

The animation provided by the central canal is accompanied by two large benches that run the entire length of the garden and visually enlarge it. This very designed, geometric space rises up naturally because this is where the RER comes out of the tunnel. The central canal plays with this slope, with little water so that the children can play there freely, and successive steps that create a slight water noise. On either side of the canal, squares, in which various and very polychrome plants have been planted, bring cheerfulness.

Green spaces and sustainable development

In spite of its high density, Vincennes provides spaces at a regular rhythm on the main arteries, squares and crossroads, and numerous points of flowering are scattered throughout the territory: the desire is to establish a homogeneity and continuity of green spaces throughout the city. All the developments are carried out to combine aesthetics, quality and respect for the environment.

In addition to the flowering, the municipal services are committed to preserving the biodiversity of Vincennois: this is reflected in particular by :

  • limiting the consumption of water and fertilisers
  • use of perennial plants as much as possible
  • respect for wildlife (insect hotels, bird boxes, beehives…)
  • the establishment of ecological corridors (planting of tree bases, flowery meadows)

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