Vincennes and the cinema!

A long-standing love affair

Vincennes has always loved the cinema and still hosts a whole array of events dedicated to the 7th Art.

“Rue Louis-Besquel in Vincennes was the most frequently-filmed street at the start of the 20th century!”  

Denis Dupont, a cinema archaeologist from Vincennes. Author of the Vincennes1900 blog, he also spoke at the Fondation Seydoux Pathé and the Cinémathèque Française in 2019.

Vincennes has its very own film festival: Every 2 years, “Au-delà de l’écran” (beyond the screen) pays tribute to the skilled people behind and in front of the camera, in the editing room and everywhere else… Unique!

Vincennes, cradle of the 7th Art 

Quick zoom into the past: in the early 20th century, Vincennes was the film-making capital of the world. The Pathé brothers set up their studio here and the beautiful streets of the town became their film set. In the Vignerons district, around 250 workers made colour films by painting the reels by hand! The 7th Art was in full swing. Vincennes honours the memory of its incredible past which you can discover on a guided tour, “Vincennes et le cinéma muet” (Vincennes and silent films). 

cinema exterieur vincennes

Cinema within and without these walls! 

Right by the château and the metro station, Le Vincennes cinema screens the latest releases and proposes thematic cycles in cine-club sessions on Monday evenings. The films take on their full meaning as they are commented, dissected and analysed. Film fans can come back on Tuesday too! Once a month at the Espace Sorano, film historian Lionel Tardif shares his knowledge and cinematic discoveries with an ever-passionate audience. In summer, cinema goes outside with “Une toile sous les étoiles” (screenings under the stars), offering you the rare pleasure of viewing a cult feature film within the walls of the Château de Vincennes! 

Cine-club for children

“Les Toiles des enfants” is a cinema and snack session for children. Well-known works and animated films are commented, much to the delight of budding film enthusiasts. Final clapperboard? Not quite! For children aged 7 to 10 years, the Tourist Office proposes a team treasure hunt in the Vignerons district, on the trail of Max Linder, the famous actor who shot many a film in Vincennes for the Pathé studios. Enigmas to solve, photos to decipher and mysteries to decode, it’s all here!  

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