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Jogging dans le Bois
christelle reboul


“The living is easy in Vincennes. We live in a protective bubble, far from the turmoil of the city. Life is cushy.”

Christelle Reboul, actress from Vincennes


Take the time… from time to time 

You can reach the woods easily on foot, chat at the market stalls, browse the shops for a great book or a lovely silk wrap to offer as a gift… Nice way to spend a weekend in Vincennes don’t you think? This really is what the locals get up to. Many will confirm they are happy living in this town with a human feel, where the possibilities are endless yet close by, straightforward but of high standards, and fabulous yet accessible. So are you ready for that perfect programme of jogging, shopping and eating out? 

lecture dans parc en ete

philippe cassard

Retour d'expérience

“I feel at home in Vincennes. It really is a very pleasant town. Not only young and lively, but green too! The woods are a garden of Eden and as for the Parc Floral…! What more could anyone want?”

Philippe Cassard, classical pianist from Vincennes

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Don’t forget your souvenir…

A little piece of Vincennes to take away with you? It couldn’t be easier! The Château Boutique and the Tourist Office both sell items bearing the Vincennes coat of arms, including a selection of games. Millepages Jeunesse is a youth bookshop where you’ll find the works of Carole Trébor, a prolific author from Vincennes whose very first novel, Nina Volkovitch, was written in her flat just a stone’s throw from the Town Hall. At the Maison Plume, you’ll find a range of beauty products by Alban Muller, an ecofriendly brand based here in Vincennes! Treats to take home? A box of marrons glacés from Deschenaux or the original chocolate spoons by Herviou will be easy to pop into your suitcase! 

marche carnot vincennes

A day you won’t forget

A souvenir will ensure you never forget those little daily pleasures of life in Vincennes, like the incomparable pure fruit icecream from Crème, an individual strawberry tart from Papa Gâteau, or a traditional crusty organic baguette from the Fournil des Franck’s bakery. Sunny afternoon? Take your children to the brand new play area on Cours Marigny, then pop to Rénine’s for a quick Tartuffa, a deliciously original pizza topped with truffle and wild mushroom cream. 

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